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Tips To Find The Perfect Tee Shirt

Everyone loves tees as they are easy to wear and maintain. Although women also wear tee shirts now, men’s common apparel is the tee. It might seem very easy to shop for tees as you go for the same brand again and again. The best way to get that perfect tee for you depends on the fit, fabric, colour, function and style. Here are a few tips for you to get the right one for you. Check top t shirt brands india.

1. Right Fit

Ladies agree that men look attractive in a white tee that fits them perfectly. Irrespective of how muscular or built you are, the tee-shirt makes you appear more masculine. However, you should take note that it doesn’t look like a workout dress rather than a t-shirt when it is very tight. While you check out the t-shirt, it is very important that the seems of the t-shirts sits perfectly on the edge of your shoulders. The sleeves need to fit around the arms and not lower to your elbows. The length of the tee should be long enough to go past your hip bone and cover the waistband of the pants. Also, note that there shouldn’t be many gaps around the neck when you lift your arms and not too tight leading you to discomfort.

2. Right Color

The basic colours every man needs to have in their wardrobe are white, grey, navy and black. White is suitable for all skin tones and makes sure you wash the whites separately. Check top t shirt brands india. Grey-coloured tee shirts are perfect to enhance the shape of your body, although the dark colours may leave the trace for sweat marks. Just like white tees, a black is a versatile option too. It is easily matched with different combinations and maybe harsh during summer, the colour tends to fade away too. Navy coloured tees look excellent with jeans and a perfect tone for day wear.


3. Right Fabric

Tee-shirts are available in different fabrics. Combed cotton tees are very soft and strong. Organic cotton is more expensive and softer. The Pima Tee is the highest grade cotton tees. You could also try tees made from Merino, Bamboo, Jersey, Polyester and Rayon.

The tees can be worn in many ways. You could opt for a crew neck collar tees as they are beneficial in many ways. The tee shirt look can be easily carried by pairing them with jeans and a pair of boots and by customizing them according to the occasion. Check top t shirt brands india.