Are you settling for “Fine?”

If you are settling for FINE… WHY? Fine is blah. Fine is average. Fine is normal and accepted but “fine” it is not thriving.

Fine is not youthful. Fine is not fun and fine is not something to lean into. And, “fine” seems to be the automatic, robotic, acceptable answer to all types of well meaning small talk questions like “How are you?”

But be warned… what we speak about COMES about and that automatic answer of being and accepting “fine” is detrimental.

Fine is also boring. It is not powerful, it is not passion filled, it is not heart centered and it is not living. Stop Settling for FINE. Stop settling for Blah…


Your body listens to what your mind believes

You see your body and your results will always reflect what your mind DECIDES and believes. If you decide to be blah or fine that is what your outside will reflect. That is what your personality will become and that is what results will show. This happens because we take actions to support our thoughts and beliefs and it is those actions that keep us stuck or help us THRIVE.

What if instead of accepting blah or fine as the norm you DECIDED you were going to feel GREAT? What ACTIONS would you take if you knew feeling GREAT was possible?

There is a method to shift out of feeling “Fine” into “Great”

It is a  3 part method… STATE, PLATE and WEIGHT.

“STATE” is the mindset piece. It is the belief set we are carrying and speaking of. If our STATE is “fine” everything about us will reflect that. If our state is AMAZING everything will reflect that. To recognize this and shift this we have to first DECIDE that we want something else and that we are ready to change this. To step into this ask yourself “what is it I WANT to feel?”

Next, the “PLATE” is the nutrition area and it is also a key component. What we are eating, what we are nourishing ourselves with, what we are fueling ourselves with, can either support healing, focus, clarity, and health or it can keep us in fogginess, bloat, depression and even point us towards deteriorating health. To step into shifting this ask yourself what you are EATING and if it is supporting a THRIVING or a FINE life?

Third, is the “WEIGHT” component. Physical weight we are carrying but also how we are USING our bodies. Ask yourself what you are doing WITH your body. Are you moving? Are you  challenging yourself? Or, are you creating an active existence where you are sitting and staying stiff? A body in motion stays in motion and a stiff body, well…. that is aging at hyper speed and not thriving.

I could go so much deeper into all of these topics (and I do within my Aging in reverse community) but you get the point of what needs to shift here first.

So my questions for you today is:

WHAT ARE YOU DECIDING you are ready to claim?

Do you want to Age in Reverse and feel AMAZING? Or are you really ok settling for “fine”


This month in the Aging in Reverse Community is ALL about how to not be boring! Want in? Join us in the community HERE


Natalie Jill

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