How? Find the tips below on how to make small bedroom look larger:

Paint your walls and floors with light colors

Why to use light colors on walls and floors of small bedrooms?

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Using light colors on walls and floors are excellent way to make a small bedroom look bigger. No doubt dark colors can make your room look absolutely cozy, but on the flip side they can make your already small bedroom even smaller. Light colors also brighten the atmosphere of your room, adding an airy feel to it.

Create shelves near the ceiling

Create shelves near the ceiling for small bedroom

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Even though our bed room is small, we need shelves to keep our favorite novels within our reach. Create shelves near the ceiling, to use as your personal bookshelf and give your bedroom a taller look. This also has another benefit, you can have more free space in your tiny bedroom.

Windows, windows and windows

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When you have more glass windows in your small bedroom, it tends to create the illusion of larger space. Windows are great to keep your compact bedroom airy and bright with the provision for letting in natural light. Not just that, windows with light colored lacey curtains can add a comfort element to your bedroom.

Go for pendant lights

handing pendants for small bedroom

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If you go by general décor rule and place table lamps beside your bed, it can eat up your precious space making your bedroom look congested. Rather add room to your compact bedroom with beautiful hanging pendant lights. They can create the illusion of free space as well as make your bedroom look cozy at night.

Buy bed with storage option

Bed with drawers for small bedroom

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When your bedroom is compact, select your furniture keeping space in mind. A bed with attached drawers would be a great option as it will give you enough space to store essential bedroom stuffs without eating up space. Bed with storage facility helps to keep your bedroom in order.

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